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E Safety

PRIVACY SETTINGS: Make sure these are secure online
RESPONSIBLE: What you write online is YOUR responsibility
OTHER PEOPLE: They might not be who they say they are online
TELL SOMEONE: You are not alone and will not get into trouble
EXPLOITATION: Do not feel forced to engage in any inappropiate and dangerous activity as an IOU
CONSEQUENCES: Be aware of YOUR actions online - legally, emotionally and for future career prospects
THINK: Before you post and be mindful of YOUR online footprint

FRIENDS: Only connect with friends
KIND: Be kind to others
PASSWORD: Don't share your password
PRIVACY: Keep your settings private
HURT: Don't be hurtful towards others
INSTINCTS: Follow your gut

School Links

Students are educated that the use of technology leaves a digital footprint and are encouraged to be mature and responsible citizens. The following links provide important information on keeping yourself safe online.

Parent Links

The following links have been added as information for parents of our students. With technology in our world developing at a rapid pace, as parents it is important that we are kept up to date with the latest developments and trends. It is also important that we know how to identify concerns and know where we can access help if it is need. Should you have any concerns about your child please refer to these websites for help or contact the school.

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