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“We Believe, We Strive, We Achieve”

Student Success

Welcome to St.Fancheas’ School Success

Year 8 pupils successfully remembered the importance of Mary in our lives and recognised the usefulness of using the rosary beads when saying the rosary.

Year 8 pupils successfully used cross curricular skills to design a stone castle and remain within budget set, considering defensive features and meeting the requirements set out by the castle owner.

Year 8 wall display of their work on Clouds as part of the topic of Weather and Climate

The Year 10 girls using country cards with a range of development facts to rank countries across the world from least to most developed. The girls had to use their knowledge of development indicators to complete this, showing their understanding of this topic. They were able to show just how much they have learnt by recognising that they got different outcomes depending on the development indicators they chose to rank with.

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