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“We Believe, We Strive, We Achieve”

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4
Areas of Learning Contributory Subjects
Language and Literacy English (GCSE or Entry Level) | Essential Skills In Communication (Entry Level to Level 2)
Mathematics & Numeracy Mathematics (GCSE or Entry Level) | Essential Skills In Application of Number (Entry Level to Level 2)
Modern Languages French (GCSE) | Polish (GCSE) | Russian (GCSE) | Arabic (GCSE)
The Arts Arts & Design (GCSE) | Music (GCSE) | Creative Arts & Digital Technologies (GCSE)
Environment & Society History (GCSE) | Geography (GCSE or Entry Level) | Business Communication (GCSE) | Business Studies (GCSE) | Hospitality (GCSE) | Travel & Tourism (BTEC) | Digital Technology (GCSE) | Health & Social Care (GCSE) | Information Technology Applications (Level 2)
Science & Technology Science (GCSE) | Double Award Science (GCSE) | OCN L2 Applied Science | Technology and Design (GCSE)
Learning for Life & Work Learning For Life & Work (GCSE) | Child Development (GCSE) | Food & Nutrition (GCSE) | Occupational Studies (Level 2) Prince's Trust Award (equivalent to two GCSE grades)
Physical Education First Award in Sport (BTEC) | Physical Education (GCSE)
Religious Education Religious Education (GCSE) | OCN L2 Religion
Careers and Mock Interviews
Experiences of Work / Placements
Work placements in general have become more difficult to organise due to H & S issues and vetting required by certain placements. For this reason we try to use employers who have proved helpful in the past.

Pupils have the opportunity to have one week’s W.E. during Yr 12 during 2nd term depending on other commitments. We actively discourage pupils from travelling outside the county but where parents are in favour, perhaps due to separations, we will do our best to facilitate them. Pupils who wish to attend on a date other than the time specified must have a very good reason to do so and must have an excellent attendance record and the support of parents/guardians. Each request will be examined on its own merit and permission can only be given by principal.

Pupils are encouraged, where possible, to make their own arrangements in line with WELB insurance guidelines. Once placements have been decided Health & Safety issues are discussed, with pupils being made aware of necessary precautions and procedures should problems arise. Guardians of pupils with special needs are informed as are employers of specific problems which may arise to ensure that their needs are being catered for. Pupils and parents must sign a consent/medical form and parents will be informed of relevant issues during the Year 12 PTM. which takes place early on in Term 1. During the W.E each pupil, where possible, will be visited at least once by a staff member who is known to her eg. Careers teacher/Form teacher.

Briefing & Debriefing

Prior to W.E pupils will complete a series of preparatory tasks to enable them to participate fully in the experience. While on W.E pupils may complete a daily log which will help them with their oral presentation upon their return. This log is invaluable when completing their PCPs and later on, personal statements. This completed booklet can be used for assessment and kept in their individual careers folder.

Year13 students also require work placements during terms 1&2 in order to complete certain units in their Applied A level course. These placements are organised in partnership with applied A level tutors and the Careers Dept. and involve placements in a nursing home and early years setting. The above planning issues and follow-ups apply to these pupils also.

Visiting speakers can provide first hand experience of the world of work and pupils have opportunities during the year to hear such impressions, not only through Careers but in the Pastoral Care week organised by the co-ordinator Mrs Duffy. (See links with outside agencies)

Industrial visits form an integral part of experiencing the world of work and can often be a feature of other subjects eg. Field trips in Geography/Science/ Business & Communication Systems/Home Economics and LLW. These however can be a most useful source of first hand experience of different types of jobs and form the basis for the provision of Careers Cross Curricular.

Open Days, Careers Conventions, Job Fairs, Careers Workshops, Roadshows are frequently attended by various year groups if appropriate and adhere to the School’s Health & Safety Policy as do all careers activities in particular Work Experience and Mock Interviews

Employer’s talks
Careers Adviser

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